Young researcher Cerys Bradly to give interactive talk at GCSE Maths in Action

Cerys uses maths to investigate the impact we can have on the dark net in the way we police it. The dark net is a part of the internet where users can hide their identity and nothing is accessible through search engine. Whilst large government agencies are theoretically able to track some people within this anonymous space, the process to do so is very difficult, requires a huge amount of resources and isn’t always successful. A surprisingly effective way of tracking people is by using statistics. During her session, Cerys will shine a light on this private world of political activism, cybercrime and more using the immense power of statistics.


GCSE Maths in Action: 5th November, University of Warwick

GCSE Maths in Action: 15th November, Emmanuel Centre, London

GCSE Maths in Action: 23rd November, University of Salford

GCSE Maths in Action: 13th December, Emmanuel Centre, London