Why (almost) everything you know about Zimbardo and Milgram is wrong

We are delighted to welcome Professor Stephen Reicher to Psychology in Action in London on 20th November 2018. Stephen is a leading expert on crowd psychology, and will discuss the psychology of conformity and obedience, considering Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Experiment and Milgram’s Yale Obedience studies. He will show that both involved multiple examples of resistance as well as obedience and that, contrary to the usual interpretations, they don’t support the idea that people are ‘programmed’ to follow orders. Instead, he will examine the role of active identification in determining our relationship to authority, and will explore the profound implications of this stance for the way that we understand genocide and other examples of human atrocity.

Join Stephen and four other psychologists for a truly unforgettable and inspiring day https://thetrainingpartnership.org.uk/study-day/psychology-in-action-power-of-the-mind-20-11-2018/