Save the date – Autumn 2018 dates announced!

SAVE THE DATE! We are thrilled to announce our autumn 2018 dates in London, Warwick and Salford Universities. We know that it is important to have the dates in the school calendar, and that tickets are sometimes hard to come by, so we would urge you to book places at the earliest opportunity. We are hard at work preparing yet another exciting season of events and we wouldn’t want you and your students to miss a thing!

Tickets can be booked in the spring or summer term based on estimated numbers and amended in September. No deposit required.

Please find all the dates available per subject, and follow the link to book your tickets:


Art in Action: The Creative Process
For AS/A2, IB, Foundation and BTEC Level 3 Art and Design students
The Creative Process, London – 3rd December 2018
The Creative Process, Warwick University – 12th November 2018


Science in Action
For KS5 or KS4 students
KS5 Biology in Action, London – 16th November, 30th November 2018
KS5 Biology in Action, Warwick University – 26th November 2018

KS5 Biology in Action, Salford University – 13th December 2018
KS5 Chemistry in Action, London – 12th November, 23rd November,
11th December 2018
KS5 Chemistry in Action, Warwick University – 6th November 2018

KS5 Chemistry in Action, Salford University – 29th November 2019
KS5 Physics in Action, London – 8th November, 28th November 2018
KS5 Physics in Action, Warwick University – 13th November 2018

KS5 Physics in Action, Salford University – 22nd November 2018
GCSE Science in Action, London – 19th November, 7th December 2018
GCSE Science in Action, Warwick University – 4th December 2018

GCSE Science in Action, Salford University – 12th December 2018


Maths in Action
For KS5 or KS4 students
KS5 Maths in Action, London – 22nd November, 12th December 2018
KS5 Maths in Action, Warwick University – 14th November 2018

KS5 Maths in Action, Salford University – 28th November 2018

GCSE Maths in Action, London – 15th November, 13th December 2018
GCSE Maths in Action, Warwick University – 5th November 2018

GCSE Maths in Action, Salford University – 23rd November 2018


English in Action
For KS5 or KS4 students
KS5 Love Through the Ages, London – 5th November 2018
KS5 Love Through the Ages, Warwick University – 20th November 2018
KS5 Drama and Poetry pre-1900, London – 26th November 2018
KS5 Aspects of Tragedy,  London – 6th November 2018
GCSE English in Action, London – 21st November 2018

Computer Science in Action
For KS5 students
Computer Science in ActionLondon – 27th November 2018



Economics in Action
For KS5 students
KS5 Economics in Action, London – 5th December 2018
KS5 Economics in Action, Warwick University – 19th November 2018

Geography in Action
For KS5 students
Geography in Action, London – 7th November 2018


History in Action
For year 11,12 and 13
Russia and Revolution, London – 29th November 2018
Democracy and Dictatorship in Germany, London – 14th November 2018


Product Design in Action
For A-level Product Design and IB Design and Technology
Product Design in ActionLondon – 13th November 2018
Product Design in ActionWarwick University – 3rd December 2018


Psychology in Action: Power of the Mind
For KS5 and KS4 students
Psychology in ActionLondon – 20th November 2018
Psychology in ActionWarwick University – 27th November 2018


Sociology in Action
For KS5 students
Sociology in Action, London – 10th December 2018