Round up of GCSE Maths in Action 2017

We’ve just concluded another fantastic run of GCSE Maths days in London, the Midlands and Manchester.  Don’t worry if you’ve missed us because there are still a few places left for GCSE Maths in Action in London on February 28th, 2018.

Highlights of this year’s programme include the structural engineer and One Show regular Roma Agrawal. Roma’s love of engineering shone the brightest when encouraging pupils to go to the Shard’s observation deck and look upwards at the wonderful spire that Roma helped build rather than the much more boring view of central London. We learned how senior engineers use properties of shapes – properties that you learn about while doing GCSE maths – to create amazing structures.

Judging from the feedback we’ve received, YouTube mathematician Dr James Grime was a crowd favourite. James’ unlimited enthusiasm for maths and incredible style brought the secret world of codes and code breaking alive. His talk included a section on the theory of error correcting codes and then a practical application which involved drilling a hole in a Justin Bieber CD! Was this the real reason for the excellent feedback?!

This year we also invited Dr Colin Wright to run a practical activity at GCSE Maths in Action. Pupils were taught about combinatorial games, asked to play and explore some of those games and then learned how they could guarantee a win…or not!  By playing games, solving puzzles and being set mathematical conundrums pupils saw a whole new area of maths. I love the way that, by thinking creatively, we can use the maths we already know to solve a wonderful variety of problems.

This autumn pupils enjoyed an incredible variety of applications of maths like structural engineering, magic, rover missions to mars, the structure of pineapples and using statistics to evaluate headlines. They were also encouraged to love mathematics for its own sake. Our team of speakers are passionate about maths and left pupils motivated and inspired. For the pupils who attended, I hope that the story of mathematics does not end here and that you’ll go on to study and delve deeper in the incredible world of maths.

If you want to know more about GCSE Maths in Action then you can follow us on twitter using @inspireaclass or connect with us on Facebook. I look forward to seeing more of you in the Spring.

All the best,


David Matthews
Maths Programme Manager