A rave review for Maths in Action Spring 17

“The first Maths in Action of 2017 was a storming success last week.  We kicked off with the secret world of codes and code breaking, featuring James Grime’s authentic enigma machine (Günther) found in a French field after World War 2……ask no questions….  Then Timandra Harkness, allowed out of her Radio 4 booth,  told us about the fascinating uses of BIG DATA and statistics up to Bayes’ Law.  Our final speaker before lunch was the erudite Paul Harrison who  gave a humorous and, dare we say it, useful exams focused talk  investigating Hannah’s sweets which left us salivating in the aisles.  After lunch heads were left spinning as Julian J. Gilbey  (the “J” stands for Julian J. Gilbey) dug into fractals and Ann Dowling explained the fascinating mathematical modelling needed to reduce noise in aircraft.  The irascible Steve Mould finished the day with a spectacular talk on his mathematical obsession which  encompasses everything from Benford’s law  to the “Mould effect”…the eponymous speaker being rather excited throughout!”

Check out http://www.resourceaholic.com/2016/06/trips.html to hear about Joanne’s experience of Maths in Action (and one of the best teaching resources  on the web).  It got us thinking… if any of the more imaginative and talented of you out there blogged or made a report about the day (or any of our events) then let us know so we can share it with the world!

Maths in Action Spring 17- 2                                          Maths in Action Spring 17