Jason Bruges Studio create multi-disciplinary artworks from their studio in London. Their practice blends architecture with interaction design and uses a high-tech, mixed media palette to explore spectacle, time-based interventions and dynamic spatial experiences.  Past works have turned environmental conditions, human motion and network activity stunning visual displays.

The Studio comprises of architects, artists, product designers, lighting designers, industrial designers and visualisers.  Kirstine Jaeger joined Jason Bruges Studio after obtaining her degree from Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark in 2014. She is now a Senior Designer and has worked on many of the Studio’s best loved projects ranging from temporary light interventions and performances to permanent museum installations. Recently she was project lead on Digital Ornithology, an installation representing 12 million migratory birds and the unique landscape of the Wadden Sea National park (Denmark) and Where Do We Go From here?, which saw a cast of 21 industrial robots animate Hull’s nighttime streets.

Kirstine will present a range of the Studio’s projects and processes providing an insight into the context for Studio artworks.  She will reveal how she approaches a brief to come to a design that is site-specific, innovative and that engages people with their environment.