Dr Dougal Jerram to speak at Geography in Action 2018

We are thrilled to announce that geologist and TV presenter Dougal Jerram, AKA Dr. Volcano, will be joining Geography in Action this year to share his passion for Earth Science. Dougal’s interest in all things geology developed at school when he became interested in rocks, skiing and outdoor pursuits.

After a successful academic career, Dougal left Durham University in 2011 to setup DougalEARTH Lts, through which he does consultancy and research work, and teaches about the different aspects of our planet. More recently, he has become more involved with Science outreach and popular science entertainment, aiming to make science more accessible to the general public and promoting a better understanding of the Planet. We can’t wait to learn from him in the autumn!

Geography in Action, Emmanuel Centre, London – 7th November 2018