We are delighted to announce two very special sessions at Biology in Action 2018, where we will look at adaptations, behaviour and conservation in a new light.

Kirsten Bomblies is Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology at the John Innes Centre, the UK’s leading plant research institute. Kirsten will discuss the foul-smelling, heat-producing carnivorous plants of this world and will explain the science behind and reasons for these strange adaptations.

Dr Suzanne Harvey has recently moved from ZSL London Zoo to the Royal Society. She will recount her research on the Gashaka Biodiversity Project in Nigeria, showing us the incredible adaptations of olive baboons and chimpanzees, from tool use to behaviour. She will illustrate the importance of conservation projects and research to uncover why these amazing animals do what they do.

We hope to see you and your students for an amazing day of biology! https://www.thetrainingpartnership.org.uk/study-days/subjects/biology/