Date & time

Tue, 13 Nov 2018
10:45 - 15:45


Emmanuel Centre, London
9 - 23 Marsham Street
London, SW1P 3DW

Ticket price

£23 + VAT* *Plus one complimentary staff ticket per ten students

About this day

Our engaging and interactive KS5 Product Design inspiration day will take your students to the cutting edge in Design. Five renowned speakers from a diverse range of studios will give your students the inside story.

Programme & speakers

Resourcefulness and design Pascal Anson, Kingston University

In this exciting two-part session Pascal will explore and demonstrate the creativity and resourcefulness a designer needs when approaching any design situation. Students will then be involved in a collective creative exercise.

Pascal Anson

About Pascal Anson

Designer Pascal Anson is Senior Lecturer at Kingston University and a visiting lecturer at the RCA. He runs a design consultancy and holds workshops in the UK and abroad.

Pioneering aeronautical innovation Angelo Niko Grubišić, Gravity Industries

Angelo will shed light on the approach Gravity has taken to development of a pioneering human flight suit, with all the associated successes, failures and revelations. It will show how fundamental principles and design judgement can bring science fiction closer to reality.

Angelo Niko Grubišić

About Angelo Niko Grubišić

Angelo is a jetsuit test pilot for Gravity Industries and a developer of human flight systems. He is also a wingsuit BASE jumper and Lecturer of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Six ways to think about design Emily Campbell, Creative Education Academies Trust

Products? Process? People? How do you think about design? Illustrated with examples and interspersed with exercises, Emily Campbell explains a radically simple framework of six things you need to think about if you’re making design decisions.

Emily Campbell

About Emily Campbell

Emily worked for the fashion designer Jean Muir and was a graphic designer for Pentagram before becoming the British Council Arts Group’s Head of Design and Architecture.

The Small Idea Graham Potts, forpeople

Most people are always looking for the big idea, however it’s often the case that the smallest ideas make the biggest difference. Graham will look at the power of ideas and where they come from.

Graham Potts

About Graham Potts

Following his successful term as Senior Designer at Seymourpowell Graham is now Creative Lead at forpeople, a specialist design company based in an old pickle factory in south London.

Natural design Kirsi Enkovaara, Designer

Kirsi will explore the way nature organically creates shapes and systems and can be incorporated into design.

Kirsi Enkovaara

About Kirsi Enkovaara

Kirsi has her own studio in South London. She graduated from the Royal College of Art, Design Products in 2014 and has exhibited extensively through Europe.