Date & time

Part of Maths Week England

Thu, 14 Nov 2019
10:00 - 15:00


University of Warwick
Gibbet Hill Rd
Coventry, CV4 7AL

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Bookings are now closed for this past event.

About this day

Our exceptional days of GCSE Maths in Action feature five interactive and informative sessions that will inspire KS4 students.

We will explore fascinating and occasionally unexpected applications which demonstrate that continuing to study maths is important. Each day is supplemented by an examination session which includes hints and tips on how to improve your grades.

Programme & speakers

Bits and pieces: secrets of a digital world James Grime, Mathematician and communicator

See how messages and photos are transmitted on the internet, and the secret messages that tell a film studio when you are sharing movies illegally.  Join James to discover the way messages are transmitted without mistakes, even from space!

James Grime

About James Grime

Dr James Grime is a mathematician and public speaker. James runs The Enigma Project, travelling the world giving public talks on the history and mathematics of code breaking. He is also a presenter on the Numberphile YouTube channel.

A mind for maths Bobby Seagull, Secondary Maths Teacher, Author & TV Presenter

Bobby Seagull selects his dream team of four mathematicians from history and explains why each person deserves to be on his team.

Bobby Seagull

About Bobby Seagull

Bobby was an investment banking trader, chartered accountant, social entrepreneur and a semi-finalist captain on University Challenge. He is now a maths teacher, author of ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Numbers’ and appears on TV as the co-host of the BBC’s Monkman & Seagull Genius Guides and as a quiz expert on the C4 series ‘The Answer Trap’.

Yeah, but is it Significant? Jen Rogers, PHASTAR

In clinical trials for a new treatment for chronic headaches, 40% get better within 24 hours. But so what? Join Jen to decide whether any differences in the data are just by chance, or whether they are ‘statistically significant’.

Jen Rogers

About Jen Rogers

Jen is Head of Statistical Research at specialist CRO, PHASTAR. She can regularly be found talking all things statistics in schools, theatres and pubs.

Practical Session Alex Bellos, Author and broadcaster

Alex Bellos returns with a new session jam-packed with puzzles, demonstrations and mathematical conundrums.  You will need a pen and paper for Alex’s presentation.

Alex Bellos

About Alex Bellos

Alex writes the infamous Monday maths puzzle for The Guardian. He is also the author of the popular maths bestsellers Alex’s Adventures in Numberland and Alex Through the Looking-Glass.

Freaky probability Zoe Griffiths, Maths communicator

Humans are bad at understanding probability – not because they don’t understand maths, but because it’s often counterintuitive. Through a series of examples including audience games, students will discover that the chances are not always what we might imagine.

Zoe Griffiths

About Zoe Griffiths

Zoe travels the UK and internationally giving mathematics talks and workshops in schools, at science festivals, teacher conferences and at comedy nights.