18May GCSE Maths in Action

GCSE Maths in Action

Juggle with numbers at GCSE Maths in Action!   We are delighted to welcome Colin Wright back to GCSE Maths in Action this Autumn.  Maths is all about patterns – finding them, proving that they are real and then using them to make predictions.  Colin will present your students with [...]

5May Art in Action

Art in Action

Join Grayson Perry at the Creative Process this autumn!   We are incredibly excited to welcome back the inimitable Grayson Perry CBE RA back to the Creative Process in London this autumn! In this unmissable session, Grayson will talk about his work and consider how to be creative in an age which [...]

5May History  in Action

History in Action

  Sir Max Hastings to speak at Democracy and Dictatorship in Germany! We are thrilled to welcome back Sir Max Hastings to our exciting Democracy and Dictatorship in Germany programme in London this autumn. Sir Max Hastings will explain why, though the First World War was an unparalleled tragedy for mankind, it would [...]

5May Computer Science in Action

Computer Science in Action

We are delighted to welcome Matthew Scroggs from the University of Cambridge to Computer Science in Action in London. Join Matt to discover the basics of machine learning, using MENACE—the machine educable noughts and crosses engine.  

5May Geography in Action

Geography in Action

We are delighted to welcome Martin Evans back to Geography in Action this autumn. Martin will explore the degree to which the impact of people has become the dominant force shaping the landforms and sediment fluxes which make up contemporary landscape systems  

5May Take a walk on the wild side with GCSE Science in Action

Take a walk on the wild side with GCSE Science in Action

What does conservation in the real world look like? Is it all just about Giant Pandas? Join Lucy Eckersley at GCSE Science in Action as she explores the world of wildlife biology and considers the question – Which animals should we save?   Lucy is an Outreach Officer at the Royal [...]

5May The power of lasers Physics in Action

The power of lasers Physics in Action

  Join us as we welcome back Ceri Brenner to discuss the awesome power and applications of lasers at Physics in Action. Ceri is a senior physicist developing innovative imaging and inspection technology for use in medical diagnosis, nuclear waste management and aerospace performance testing.   Want to see what [...]

3Apr Dates released for autumn 2020

Dates released for autumn 2020

We know schools are working hard to provide the vital services both for children on premises and at home, and that 2019/20 continues to be very challenging. As a previous Education in Action attendee, you will know that we offer something special to inspire and motivate your students, and our dates [...]

9Mar COVID-19 – Update on Education in Action summer events

COVID-19 – Update on Education in Action summer events

The progress of the COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in many restrictions on day-to-day life, culminating in the closure of schools. With great regret, we have therefore decided to cancel all of our summer term events; KS3 STEM in Action, Engineering in Action and Medicine in Action. We had an amazing [...]