21Jul Thank you

Thank you

Thank you As we come to the end of an incredibly turbulent year for us all, we wanted to write a message to thank you for your support in 2019/20 and for your unwavering dedication to education in the face of an unprecedented situation. We look forward to seeing you [...]

13Jul Biology in Action

Biology in Action

The epigenetics revolution Discover why you are more than just your genes as we enter the wonderful world of epigenetics with scientist and best-selling author Nessa Carey, In an engaging session, Nessa will take us through the promise and pitfalls of epigenetics research and provide clear explanations for why all [...]

13Jul Physics in Action

Physics in Action

The faces of physics 2020 Join us at Physics in Action this autumn as we discover space flight, the power of lasers, the Big Bang and climate science in a thoroughly engaging and inspiring day for KS5 physicists. Featuring Liz Seward, Simon Singh, Ceri Brenner, Tamsin Edwards and Lewis Matheson. [...]

8Jul Economics in Action

Economics in Action

We are extremely pleased to announce an inspirational set of talks for Economics in Action this autumn, taking place in London and the Midlands.  With speakers from the worlds of journalism, banking and policy making, this programme promises to motivate your students into thinking about the way money makes the [...]

8Jul GCSE Maths in Action

GCSE Maths in Action

Make sure you book for GCSE Maths in Action this autumn! We are extremely pleased to announce an inspirational set of talks for GCSE Maths in Action this November, taking place in London, the Midlands and Manchester.  From the patterns and numbers of fake news to spinning objects and structural [...]

8Jul Art in Action

Art in Action

Turner Prize-winner Grayson Perry’s work is original and provocative. He uses traditional forms such as ceramics and tapestries in unconventional ways to comment on society’s injustices and hypocrisies. Grayson returns to Art in Action in London this year to talk about his work and consider how to be creative in an age which embraces both traditional [...]

8Jul History in Action

History in Action

Dr Caroline Sharples joins us at History in Action: Democracy to Dictatorship on November 16th for an unmissable session on propaganda. She looks at the martyrdom legends and elaborate commemorative rituals that were constructed around the remembrance of the 16 Nazis killed during the 1923 Munich Putsch, tracing the evolution [...]

1Jul Physics in Action

Physics in Action

We are delighted to welcome Liz Seward, Senior Space Strategist at Airbus Defence and Space to Physics in Action in London this autumn! Find out how satellites forecast the weather, monitor crops, track pollution, explore the solar system and observe other stars. Learn how missions like the ExoMars Rover & [...]

1Jul Chemistry in Action

Chemistry in Action

Join us at Chemistry in Action in London, the Midlands or Manchester this autumn as we welcome back Professor Andrea Sella with his incredible tale of possibly the most reviled element in the periodic table. From playing around (dangerously) as a schoolboy to working in the labs of University College [...]

16Jun Computer Science in Action

Computer Science in Action

Make sure you book for Computer Science in Action this autumn! We are excited to announce another season of inspirational Computer Science in Action days this autumn!  With topics ranging from logic to machine learning to the curious case of an election process in 13th century Venice, we are pleased [...]