5Oct History in Action: Germany

History in Action: Germany

Your A level and keen GCSE students won’t want to miss our fascinating and eye-opening day covering Democracy and Dictatorship in Germany in the period 1914 – 1945.  Join the experts, live-streamed and ONLINE this November 16th, to analyse the First World War, the Weimar Republic, Nazi Germany and World [...]

5Oct Chemistry in Action

Chemistry in Action

Chemistry in Action Nov 17th A level chemists will be inspired and challenged at our lively and engaging Chemistry in Action programme on November 17th.  Join us ONLINE as we tour the breadth of chemistry with five interactive sessions delivered by passionate scientists and communicators, and discover what the future [...]

5Oct English in Action: Tragedy

English in Action: Tragedy

It would be tragic to miss out on English in Action: Aspects of Tragedy this November!   On November 23rd, join us ONLINE for English in Action, where Nick Hutchison will be exploring tragedy in the plays of Shakespeare; Neil Bowen will be finding links between genres including poetry and [...]

5Oct English in Action: Love

English in Action: Love

Fall in love with poetry, prose and plays again at English in Action: Love Through the Ages this autumn! On November 9th, join us at English in Action to hear Wendy Cope OBE read some carefully chosen poetry both from her own collection and from those whom she admires.  Wendy [...]

5Oct Geography in Action

Geography in Action

Come and see the world from a different angle at Geography in Action this November! Live-streamed and online on November 6th, join us to hear Jason Lewis link exploration and sustainability as he describes his adventures circumnavigating the globe without motors or sails.  Jason is joined by Becky Alexis-Martin, looking [...]

5Oct Computer Science in Action

Computer Science in Action

Logic states that you AND your classes should NOT miss Computer Science in Action this November! Live-streamed and online on November 4th, join us for an exciting range of talks, including Matthew Scroggs on machine learning; Miranda Mowbray on algorithm design; Mark Jago on the power of logic; Amanda Prorok [...]

21Sep Economics in Action

Economics in Action

Make sure you book your A-level students tickets for Economics in Action this autumn! Representing a broad range of experiences and outlooks, we have put together a programme featuring experts to motivate your students, with topics ranging from austerity to globalisation, monetary policy to ‘zero-hours’ contracts, and bringing it all [...]

21Sep Maths in Action

Maths in Action

Make sure you book for Maths in Action and GCSE Maths in Action this autumn! Programmes for A-level and GCSE maths students. With topics ranging from structures to sequences, finance to fast cars and the numbers in the news, we have something for everyone. This year, they are also accessible [...]

14Sep Psychology in Action

Psychology in Action

The power of the mind for A-level and IB students   Join us for a wide-ranging day examining the theories and applications of psychology in the modern world. Five incredibly engaging sessions will help students realise their potential and discover the impact they can have on the world. A special [...]

14Sep GCSE Science in Action

GCSE Science in Action

GCSE Science in Action is back ONLINE this autumn! November 12th If you want to discover the power of electricity, explore the universe, delve inside the human body, take a walk on the wild side, or meet the innovators… this is the programme for you! We would love to welcome [...]