Date & time

Tue, 27 Feb 2018
11:00 - 16:00


Emmanuel Centre, London
9 - 23 Marsham Street
London, SW1P 3DW

Ticket price

£19 + VAT* *Plus one complimentary staff ticket per ten students

About this day

Join us for the ultimate science enrichment day for KS4 in spring 2018! Five interactive and highly engaging sessions will inspire and challenge your students. There will be demonstrations and audience participation, and students will discover the wonder of science in our specially designed programme, delivered by the leading lights in the field. A session on examination success will equip students with the tools to succeed, and each student will receive our incredibly useful revision guide to take home. This is Science in Action!

Programme & speakers

Dangerous equations Marty Jopson, Science presenter

Or how to use the Laws of Physics to avoid probable death. Join Marty Jopson, the BBC One Show’s resident science bloke as he places himself in grave personal danger for your entertainment. Will his steely nerve and a set of equations be enough to keep him from harm? Only one way to find out. Note, some fully risk assessed audience participation will be sought.

Marty Jopson

About Marty Jopson

Marty has a PhD in plant biology, is a science TV presenter, live show performer, writer, strange prop builder and all round Science Bloke.

Bring back the king - the science of de-extinction Helen Pilcher, Author and science communicator

Join Helen on a journey through geological time as she explains how advances in genetics and cell biology have already made de-extinction a reality; and how the re-appearance of woolly mammoths, baby-burping frogs and other animals will soon put an end to the dogma that extinction is forever.

Helen Pilcher

About Helen Pilcher

Dr Helen Pilcher is a tea-drinking, biscuit-nibbling science and comedy writer and author of ‘Bring Back the King: the Science of De-extinction’.

Exploring the unknown universe Carole Mundell, University of Bath

Carole Mundell

About Carole Mundell

Carole is Professor of Extragalactic Astronomy and Head of Astrophysics at the University of Bath.

Deep ocean dive Greg Foot, Science presenter and communicator

Join YouTuber & BBC Science Presenter – Greg Foot – for the story of his scientific adventure diving to 1000ft in the deep ocean in a high-tech submersible.

Greg Foot

About Greg Foot

Greg is a Science Presenter on TV, on YouTube and on Stage.

How to be a scientist Steve Mould, Science Communicator

Steve Mould

About Steve Mould

Steve Mould is a science presenter and comedian who appears as the science expert on British television shows such as The One ShowBlue Peter, and The Alan Titchmarsh Show. He has a YouTube channel with more than 100,000 subscribers, and his videos have been watched more than a million times.