Date & time

Wed, 28 Feb 2018
11:00 - 16:00


Camden Centre, London
Judd Street, Kings Cross
London, WC1H 9JE

Ticket price

£19 + VAT* *Plus one complimentary staff ticket per ten students

About this day

Do your students wonder what mathematicians do?

At our interactive and inspirational day they will discover how classroom maths is used by people every day in fields from statistics, engineering and cyber security to research mathematics. Five renowned speakers from universities, industries and the media reveal mathematics at its very best and your students will have a whole lot of fun along the way!

Programme & speakers

Enigma and the secret world of code breaking James Grime, Mathematician and communicator

Dr James Grime looks at the fascinating history and mathematics of codes and code breaking – from ancient Greece to the present day – including a demonstration of an original WWII Enigma Machine!

James Grime

About James Grime

Dr. James Grime is a speaker, maths populariser and YouTube sensation. He has toured the world with his code-breaking talk.

Lies, damn lies and newspapers Emily Grossman, Broadcaster

Can we believe everything we read in the papers? In this highly interactive and amusing talk, Dr Emily Grossman takes a light-hearted look at these issues, illustrated with examples from her own experience as a TV science broadcaster.

Emily Grossman

About Emily Grossman

Emily teaches maths and science and explains science stuff on a range of TV and radio programmes including the panel game-show Duck Quacks Don’t Echo (hosted by Lee Mack).

Voting for Goats Matt Pritchard, Scientist and Magician

From TV game shows to General Elections we’re forced to make choices based on numbers. In this interactive show the science magician Dr Matt Pritchard will reveal how our brains can be easily tricked and what we can do boost our critical thinking. Featuring psychological mind games and misleading maths. You’ll never look at an advert the same way again!

Matt Pritchard

About Matt Pritchard

Dr Matt Pritchard is an award-winning magician (and member of the magic circle), comedian and creative communicator. His amazing performances both inspire and inform.

Maths and chocolate Helen Wilson, University College London

This is the story of a maths project that made headlines around the world. Chocolate is wonderful (of course) but the maths we can use to describe it also explain the behaviour of everything from custard to lava.

Helen Wilson

About Helen Wilson

Helen Wilson is a mathematician from UCL.  She works on weird fluids – many different ones including molten plastics, uncooked custard, and even mucus, but her favourite is chocolate.

A special session of practical maths Colin Wright, Mathematician and juggler

Several games played by children of all ages turn have connections between them, and investigating those connections has turned up surprising results. In this interactive workshop we play some of the games, see the connections, and discover unsolved problems.

Colin Wright

About Colin Wright

Colin received his maths doctorate in 1990 from Cambridge University. While at Cambridge he also learned how to fire-breathe, unicycle, juggle and ballroom dance.