Date & time

Tue, 28 Nov 2017
10:00 - 15:00


University of Warwick
Gibbet Hill Rd
Coventry, CV4 7AL

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£19 + VAT* *Plus one complimentary staff ticket per ten students

About this day

Do your students wonder what mathematicians do?

At our interactive and inspirational day they will discover how classroom maths is used by people every day in fields from statistics, engineering and cyber security to research mathematics. Five renowned speakers from universities, industries and the media reveal mathematics at its very best and your students will have a whole lot of fun along the way!

Programme & speakers

Enigma and the secret world of code breaking James Grime, Mathematician and communicator

Dr James Grime looks at the fascinating history and mathematics of codes and code breaking – from ancient Greece to the present day – including a demonstration of an original WWII Enigma Machine!

James Grime

About James Grime

Dr. James Grime is a speaker, maths populariser and YouTube sensation. He has toured the world with his code-breaking talk.

A special session of practical maths Colin Wright, Mathematician and juggler

Several games played by children of all ages turn out to have connections between them, and investigating those connections has turned up some surprising results. In this interactive workshop we get to play some of the games, see some of the connections, and discover some interesting maths, and unsolved problems.

Colin Wright

About Colin Wright

Colin received his maths doctorate in 1990 from Cambridge University. While at Cambridge he also learned how to fire-breathe, unicycle, juggle and ballroom dance.

The Monty Hall Problem Calvin Smith, University of Reading

Suppose you’re on a game show, and you’re given the choice of three doors: Behind one door is a Ferrari; behind the others, goats. You pick a door and the host, who knows what’s behind the doors, opens another door which has a goat. Is it to your advantage to switch your choice? That’s the Monty Hall problem. Find out more with Calvin this autumn!

Calvin Smith

About Calvin Smith

Calvin Smith is a Teaching Fellow with experience of module design and delivery across a large number of undergraduate courses in mathematics. He is particularly interested in bridging the gap between further and higher education, and how technology can be used to enhance the student’s learning experience in mathematics.

Natural Genius Steve Mould, Science Communicator

Wherever you look, in the garden, in the hills or up in the sky, the force of mathematics is everywhere, some of it so weird it is almost unnatural. Steve looks at the mysterious patterns that crop up in the natural world, from the heights of mountains to the shape of coastlines, the hatching patterns of American cicadas and ultimately the forces that shape life itself.

Steve Mould

About Steve Mould

Steve is a science presenter for the BBC on Britain’s Brightest, Blue Peter and The One Show.   Steve is one third of the scinece and comedy team Festival of The Spoken Nerd !

The numbers of structures Roma Agrawal, Structural Engineer

Ever wondered how the bridges, buildings and tunnels which surround us in the city were designed and built? This talk will show you how people, cars, wind, water and materials are turned into numbers to make sure our structures don’t collapse.

Roma Agrawal

About Roma Agrawal

Roma, an award winning broadcaster and structural engineer is described as “the new voice of women talking about science and engineering and making it cool” by The Telegraph.